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Promoting safe and rational use of herbal medicine in Ghana

It is irrefutable therefore in the light of the above that herbal medicine has a role to play in achieving the key targets and ultimately the goal. Long before the advent of allopathic medicine, various ethnic groups in Ghana used herbs for the treatment of various ailments and many continue to rely on it for their health care alongside modern or conventional medicine. The World Health Organization defines herbal medicine as a plant-derived material or preparation with therapeutic or other human health benefits which contains either raw or processed ingredients from one or more plants. In some traditions material...

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Herbal medicine: The shortcomings of professional association

Prior to the introduction of the professional practice of herbal medicine, made possible by way of formal education/training in Ghana through the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), the unprofessional/informal practice of herbal medicine existed and still exists. The informal herbal medicine practice forms part of the Traditional medicine practices in Ghana. Traditional medicine has undergone lots of developments in effort to meet modern trends of healthcare delivery. The developments were made possible through successive government policies and the establishment of a Traditional and Alternative Medicine Directorate (TAMD) within the Ministry of Health to help with the...

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