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Torgbuiga Yaka IV - Registrar

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Numo Blafo III, Public Relations Officer

Numo Blafo Akotia Omaetu III: Head of Public Relations; Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) 2014, Institute of Paralegal and Leadership Studies (IPLS) Communications Studies (Public Relations) 2013, Ghana Institute Journalism (GIJ); Certificate in Customer Relationship Management, 2009, Management Development and Productivity Institute (MDPI); Executive Certificate in Project Management, 2009, Pan - African Institute for Leadership &Governance Studies; Diploma in Communications Studies, 2006, Africa Institute of Journalism and Communications (AIJC).

George Addy-Boye - Head Of Human Resource

Martin Azaglo, Head, Inspection

Mr Martin Azaglo is the Head of Enforcement, Monitoring and Inspection Unit of the Traditional Medicine Practice Council , a position he holds since December 2011.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) , Political Science (2008) from the University of Ghana , Legon.

He also holds a Masters In Public Administration (MPA) (2015) from the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), University of Ghana , Legon.

He also holds a Certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from the Xiyuan Teaching Hospital in Beijing, China (2016).

Nelson Menorwkpor, Director of Administration

Nelson is a senior level management expert and a consultant in the Healthcare industry.

He is also a social development practitioner. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc. Administration), Health Services Administration (1992) from the University of Ghana, Legon. Holds also Master degree in Health Management Planning & Policy (HMPP)(2005) from Leeds University, UK. He has since 1996 participated in courses in Policy Development, Training of Trainers, Performance Appraisal, Planning and Budgeting, Financial Management, Leadership and Management Information Systems.

Specially these included: (a)Certified training in Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers -1996 and 2004 (b)Management Information System for facilitators -1996 (c) Health Management Information System (HMIS)-1997 (d) Accounting, Treasury and Finance Rules and Regulations in Budget Management –1997 (e) Standard Operating Procedures for Procurement in the Public Sector -2000 (f) Certified training in Information Education and Communication (IE&C) and Advocacy -2002 (g) Certified training in Blood Transfusion Management services, (Uganda)-2004 (h) Certified training in Health Facilities Management(South Africa) -2011(i)Training in coaching-2015.

Gifty Sophia Senor, Head of Accounts

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