The Traditional Medicine Practice Council (TMPC), an agency of the Ministry of Health, (MoH), the statutory regulator for Traditional and Alternative Medicine Practices in the country has asked Ghanaians to reconcile and make peace with one another so as to make the nation a one big happy family devoid of acrimony and rancor.

In a message issued to the press in Accra and signed by Torgbuiga Yaka IV, the Registrar of (TMPC), who is also a Traditional Ruler, TMPC urged all Ghanaians to renew their vow to uphold the unity of the country in this electioneering year.

The message also dispelled the wrongly held notion that, both the traditional medicine practice and the practitioners are demonic, superstitious, charlatans and fraudsters, therefore, should be treated with contempt and disrespect. The Registrar urged the public to deal with practitioners who are licensed and certified by the Council. He also counseled the members to display their certificates and licenses at their places in conformity with Act575, 2000, sections 9 and 17.

The statement additionally reminded the public to be wary of unapproved/illegal premises, products, services and practitioners at all times, as some persons out of greed and criminal intents, would flood the markets with counterfeit and uncertified products and services.

The Registrar appealed to the public not to hesitate to report any practitioner who engages in illegal services and displays unethical conduct to the Council for sanctioning.

The statement emphasized that traditional Medicare did not include or involve powers aimed at money doubling or making people very rich overnight. That practice, the statement added, could be described as criminal.

TMPC’s overriding mission was aimed at safeguarding public safety and security at all times. TMPC has also intensified its regular monitoring and inspection programmes, for Premises, Products and Practitioners, to get rid of counterfeit and illegal practitioners and to instill sanity and discipline into the traditional medicine practice.

The message also reminded all practitioners to renew their licenses in compliance with Act 575, to facilitate unhindered and smooth practices and operations. It also assured the public that the Council would soon publish the list of all accredited and certified practitioners and their premises.

Traditional Medicine Practice Council (TMPC) was established by an Act of Parliament, Act 575, 2000, as the statutory institution, empowered to regulate, control and promote Traditional Medicine and Alternative Practice in the country.

Act 575, also empowered TMPC, to ensure that quality Traditional Medicines and Practices are integrated into the National Healthcare Delivery System.

The TMPC National Secretariat at the Ministry of Health (MOH) commenced its full regulatory operations in September 2007 and has since not relented in instilling discipline and sanity into traditional medicine practice in the country.